"red corset"

Following the tradition of Joseph Beuys work, who had also been a teacher of his, Rainer Magolds work is based on the search for the nowadays lost wholeness of man, the entity of each human being. “Art as the implementation of the human character, as the realization of human freedom to do the right thing. Our fragmented realties of consciousness and existence, of nature, myth, science and everyday life has to become one whole entity again.” Rainer Magold invents his pictures. For decades he has sensed a philosophical sceticism towards the way how people picture reality in their everyday lifes.

Magold works intuitively and undesigned. His paintings are never realized to serve on special purpose. Magold never has a predetermined aim or idea, that he would work towards.

He gets carried away, while in the state of “Flow” and subsequently wonderingly and astonished looks at the painting that he himself has created that way. The purpose of his pictures, lies within themselves. Magold sees himself merely as a tool of the unconscious. He has been working this way, perfecting it more and more each time. To enable him to work like this, Magold paints in the particularly mystic environment of an old property called “Barthelemy” and every tenth of his pieces is a realistic exercice to keep his skills balanced, either plastic or Peinture photoresque ( a special technique, invented by himself). In this way also one of his well known works, the lion of the skies in Darmstadt, was created.

“If the observer, in a very specific state of mind confronts himself with my work, that can click and can emerge into a powerful encounter of astonishing intensity.”

"seduction" 70 x 50cm

Growing up within a French-German artscene, Rainer Magold has been influenced by artists such as Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, Emile Carriere, a symbolist and friend of the family living in Strassbourg, Tamara de Lempicka, Mark Rothko and Sam Francis. During documenta 7 on the – international academy of creativity and interdisciplinary research” his teacher Joseph Beuys encouraged Magold to stick to his unique way. So Magold essentially has stayed faithfully to himself. He has worked with famous designers in Brasil, China, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Skandinavia to develop fashion products for some of the largest mailorder companies worldwide. He is firm and unshakeable in his attitude to uncompromise against changing public expectations.

The paintings jump off the page with power and colour forcing the observer to look at them. Using strong colours, the paint is applied in a thick paste, as well as in fine colourfield techniques. The surface is thumbworked quite frequently, creating an immediate physical contact. His painterly talent is unquestionable. Structurally the paintings are carried out with consistency and burst with vitality. Perhaps the essence of his work is his personal honesty to make them alive.

"happy" 100 x 160 x 5 cm

In an absolutely unique way Magold paints a great diary of emotions. It holds very material snapshots of the artists interior reflections of a subjective life.

Completely in the sense of Cézannes and Gaugin, the works of Rainer Magold represent a nature parallel to nature. They require illustrations of true occurence yet are not rooted in the visible world.

Leading his specific field, he is also a prominent representative of contemporary postmodernism. Thus his pictures represent the highest and yet most honest form of painting.
So allow yourself to be captured by the ever present vitality and energy of his works. Let yourself be seduced by these paintings and enjoy the power of their charm.

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