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Dear collectors of the contemporary fine art and gallery owners you are invited to a visit in my studio in the stately home & garden Barthélemy not far away from Heidelberg or Baden-Baden.
Please agree to visit me by appointment or arrangement only.

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We book rooms in the Ultimate 5 Star Luxury Hotel Bühlerhöhe, Black Forest, (, a homely palatine country house or bed and breakfast for your complete satisfaction.

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We recommend the time between march (blooming almond trees), may (blooming roses), june (international horse racing Iffezheim/Baden) and september (vintage). Airports: Frankfurt, Karlsruhe/Baden, Stuttgart, Strasbourg/France, Basel/Switzerland, Zweibrücken

Please understand that we welcome people with a true interest in the arts but the property is private and not open for public sightseeing at any time. Due to the great interest entrance is granted after previously made appointments and arrangements exculsively.

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The studio is situated in a warm wine-growing district near the French-German border. Barthelemy is a mystic place, often visited from artists like Auguste Rodin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Rainer Maria Rilke and others.