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expected 2008/2009

Fairs: London, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Osnabrück, Paris, Miami
Exhibitions: Mannheim, Milano, Heilbronn, San Francisco, Berlin


Germany: february/june - art gallery Dr. Ehmer
England: april - spring show, London art gallery
Germany: july/august - art and wine, art gallery "de barthelemy"
Germany: june - cherchez les femmes, art gallery "de barthelemy"
Germany: september - Kunstverein Landau Villa streccius

Germany: september/december - art gallery Dr. Ehmer
England: october - London art fair
Austria: november - Salzburg art fair
Germany: Bundeswehr Exhibition (german military)
Germany: art gallery at Iduna insurences AG
Germany: art gallery Bechtle AG
Germany: Osnabrück - nnb
Suisse: private art gallery - nnb
Spain: Madrid -private art gallery

Picture: SOLD -

Garden of the Delights

Download - Current Exhibition: Catalogue Diashowgarten der lueste diashow.pdf [4.358 KB]